Bernd M. Schell: Don't talk. Decide and do!

Over 25 years lead means for me to take responsibility, to eliminate every impossibility.

I create visions, drive people forward, learn every day, keep an eye on dynamics in projects in America, Asia and Europe, and strive to be greater than my goals. For me, to lead means to take responsibility, to eliminate every impossibility.

I am a experienced leader and decision-maker, rebel, motivator, persuader and an open minded / outside-of-the-box thinker. Very strong level of initiative and entrepreneurial thinking and acting, assertiveness, empathy and distinctive communication skills are combined with high technological affinity.

As Global Lead & Project Manager at Brose I am the mastermind, concept developer, requester, interface between people in departments in 23 countries as well as the central IT and supplier - the complexity manager.

My over 25 years of B2C marketing experience I contribute to BHS Aviation, a VIP Class private jet and helicopter charter company. With the passion for flying I got inspired during my basic military service in the German Air Force, which still fascinates me today.
Bernd M. Schell
Detroit Downtown, View to Canada
Detroit Downtown
Bernd M. Schell at Shanghai Tower (China)
Over 20 years of finding creative, seemingly-impossible solutions, motivate others to be actively involved, and promote enthusiasm through the achievement of ambitious results.

My skills & competences

International experience, collaboration and success
Communication and HR Online projects in America, Asia & Europe
First-mover: AI-Powered Omnichannel Personalization for HR Recruiting and HR Online
Experience, Judgement & Decision making
Reasoning, problem-solving & ideation
Cognitive Intelligence
- Achieved above-average results for years in Marketing and IT projects

Now it's time to connect!

Officially born before the so-called Digitalnatives, but since 1994 always online to sustainable solutions for real added value, I now invite you to meet me now online: